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      North west Yunnan China
               May 1928
[[in right margin beside first entry]] May 
16001 Primula sp? plain of            
      Youngning near Wualapis
      elev. 9300 ft flowers purplish  
16002 Crataegus shrub 6-12 ft.
      flowers white along streams
      Youngning plain Wualapi; 9200 ft
16003 Pyrus sp? tree 15 ft. flowers
      white, Vudju, Muli territory
      Szechuan, elev. 10000 ft    May 24th
16004 Rhodod. sp? flowers purplish blue
      alpine or swampy meadows of Vudju
      S.W. Szech., Muli territory, elev. 10000 ft
      May 24th 1928.
16005 Rhodod. sp? flowers in small globose
      heads pink, same loc. as 16004
      May 24th 1928
16006 Rhodod. sp? shrub 2 ft flowers
      purplish blue, meadows of Vudju
      elev. 10000 ft. May 24th.
16007 Rhod. sp? shrub 8 ft flowers large
      pinkish white leaves dull forest north
      of Vudju S.W. Szech. Muli road elev. 11000 ft
       May 25th
16008 Iridac. herb flowers yellow on alpine
      meadow elev. 11500 ft below Mt. Giboh May 25th
      photographed meadows.
16009 Iridac herb flowers purple
      same loc. as 16008 neg. 140.
16010 Syringa sp? shrub 4 ft along
      [[Louwan?]] stream below Mt. Giboh
      elev. 10000 ft. flowes pale lavender
      May 25th 1928
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S. West Szechuan Muli Territory
May - June 1928
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