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16031 Rhodod. sp? shrub 10 ft, flowers white, leaves narrow,
fir forests of Mt. Giboh elev. 13000 ft May 25/1928.

16032 Allium sp? flowers white alpine meadows and forests of Mt.
Mitzuga, western slopes, elev 12500 ft in shade of trees.   June 1928
back or west of Muli Gomba.

16033 Composite, flowers yellow in alpine meadows of Mt. Mitzuga
western slopes, west of Muli Gomba, elev. 13000 ft June 1928.
16034 Caragana sp? prostrate shrub among limestone rocks elev. 13500 ft. western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga June 1928. flowers yellowish and purplish pink.

16035 Salix sp? shrub 8 - 10 ft. along streams 12000 ft. western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga west of Muli. June 1928

16036 Salix sp? semi prostrate shrub, among rocks on western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga, elev. 13000 ft. June 1928

16037 Rhodod sp? shrub 4 - 5 ft, flowers lavender blue, in fir forests western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga west of Muli.

16038 Salix sp? shrub 6 - 8 ft. on edge of alpine meadows, west
of Muli western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga. elev. 12500 ft June 1928
16039 Rhodod sp? shrub 10 ft. tall leaves glabrous, flowers pink, same loc. as 16038.

16040 prostrate shrubs on edge of forests near summit of Mt. Mitzuga western slopes, west of Muli Gomba   June 1928

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