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16051 Crucifer. herb flowers white same loc. as 16047.

16052 Carpinus sp? shrub 30 - 40 ft. bark red, elev. 10000 - 11000 ft. Mt. Mitzuga forests, western slopes.

16053 Androsace sp? cushion plant among rock 14000 ft west
of Muli pamba. Mt. Mitzuga flowers pinkish red.

16054 Salix sp? shrub 3 ft. alpine meadows of Mt. Mitzuga, elev. 13000 ft.

16055 Androsace sp? flowers white, same loc. as 16053.

16056 Primula sp? flowers lavender purple, among rocks 11500 ft Mt. Mitzuga western slopes.

16057 herb. plant flowers purple same loc. as 16056.

16058 Allium sp? flowers white same loc. as 16056

16059 Solmslaubachia sp? flowers lavender blue, leaves linear small,among rocks 13500 ft. western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga.

16060 Rhodod. sp? shrub 3 - 4 ft, flowers purple, redish hairy leaves thick [[strikethrough]] leathy [[/strikethrough]] leathery alpine scrub or meadows 13500 ft. Mt. Mitzuga.