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16121 Primula sp? in shaded ravines on banks Mili- Sili route, Muli Valley elev. 10000 ft. May 26th 1928. 

16122 Tree 20 ft. to 30 ft. tall Mili Valley, elev. 10000 ft. flowers greenish white, leaves dull green. May 26th 1928.

16123 Tree 10-20 ft. same loc. as 16122.

16124 Pyrus sp? tree 15-20 ft or more flowers white same loc. as 16122 spiny. 

16125 Tree or shrub 6-8 ft, tall flowers yellow, along streams same loc. as 16122.

16126 Peonia sp? shrub 2-3 ft flowers small dark red to black, along trail to Giboh shan elev. 12500 ft southern slopes of Mt. Giboh, edge of fir forest.

16127 Pieris shrub 5-6 ft flowers white elev. 10000 ft. Mili Valley.

16128 Lythrac. Shrub 6 ft flowers pale pinkish white. Same loc. as 16127.

16129 Xanthoxylum sp? shrub 8-10 ft. Muli Valley elev. 9500 ft. May 26th

16130 herb, flowers green, in meadows of Mili Valley elev. 9600 ft. [[in pencil]] Orchid