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16161 Leptodermis in spruce forests between Djago and Kopati shrub 3 ft. flowers pale pink. elev. 11000 ft. June 1928.

16162 Anemone, flowers white, on grassy slopes at Kopati one day east of Muli. elev. 10000 ft. June 1928.

16163 [[strikethrough]] Spruce [[/strikethrough]] Tsuga sp? tree 50-80 ft. forests of Djago, elev. 11600 ft.
[[smaller writing, to left]] see neg. no. 47096
photographed forest with this tree in foreground, with Rhododendron no 16164. see negative 165,

16164  Rhodod. sp? tree 15 ft-20 ft. flowers white? with 16163 in forests of Djago east of Muli, photographed this with Tsuga. June 1928. see negative 166.  [[in left margin, smaller writing]] neg. no. 47097

[[single line of words scribbled out, illegible]]

16165 [[strikethrough]] Pri [[/strikethrough]] Incarvillea sp? alpine meadows of Mt. Mitzuga western slopes elev. 12500-13000 ft. June 1928.

16166 Primula sp? flowers yellow same loc. but. in forest and and among shrubs, elev 13000 ft. June 1928.

16167 Primula sp? (secundiflora) flowers purplish red, along water courses alpine regions of Mt. Mitzuga, western slopes, Muli. June 1928. elev. 12500 ft.

16168 Rhodod. sp? shrub 10 ft, flowers yellow, forests of southwestern slopes of Mt. Mitzuga Muli elev. 12500 ft. June 1928.

16169 Rhodod. sp? shrub 6-8 ft. flowers purplish pink, elev. 14000 ft. back of Mt. Mitzuga western slopes, June 1928.

16170 Labiate, flowers lavender purple, forming prostrate rosettes, alpine meadows of Mt. Mitzuga western slopes, Muli, June 1928.