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[[underline ]] 10. Journal [[/underline]]

[[underline]] March 20. [[/underline]]  Left Opal at 8AM on the Big Piney stage.  Clear and cold, 22 below [[strikethrough]] below [[/strikethrough]] zero, snow ranging from 4 to 12 inches, road severely broken & very poor.  Climbed to top of mesa and then struck north over open desert slopes.  Reached the Graham Ranch at 1:30 - 17 miles - got dinner, changed trains & went on to Fontenelle for the night, 30 miles north of Opal.  Opal is 6675 feet, Grahams Ranch 6750, Fontinell 6800.  
The snow has increased in depth to one and two feet, roads bad.  Country barren & sheeped to death.  Short sage brush, no grass, no timber in sight except black patches said to be pines on the range of high hills to the west.  A few willow bushes along creeks.