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[[Preprinted]] 2  [[/preprinted]]  St. Lucia 2.
Went down town to see Mr. Alan Peter, the American Consular Agent. He was very cordial, and was of much help. He took me to see the Treasurer, the Chief of Police, and several others about licenses, the Dept. of Public Works about maps, the Customs officials, and a Mr. & Mrs Morris.   . He is a friend of Mr. Box, and said he would be glad to go collecting with me at any time. He went with Box when he climbed Morne Gimie. We also met Box, - had seen him at the hotel previously.
  At lunch Box introduced his wife, and offered to take me to his lab in the afternoon. We went first to the Customs House to unpack the motorcycle. Had considerable trouble, because several of the bolts turned and were difficult to remove. I'll have to have them fixed before I can use them again. It was nearly four o'clock before we were through. Then we drove to Box's office in the cane fields in Cul de Sac Valley about 3 miles south of town. He showed me where the key is kept, and urged me to use any of the facilities at any time. There are microscopes, literature, a collection of insects, etc., etc. We got home for a late tea.
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[[Preprinted]] 3 [[/preprinted]]
III-24-36  Spent the morning finishing the index to volume 3 of this journal. In the afternoon I made some adjustments on the motorcycle and cleaned it. The battery was run - down but the motor was running fairly well.
III-25-36  Mr. Peter phoned that there was mail, so I rode down to town. He also had my license to use the motorcycle. [[strikethrough]] and I got [[/strikethrough]] The mail contained a letter from Paul Dormoy in Guadeloupe saying the glasses had not arrived; one from the Postmaster in Trinidad saying he had returned two ordinary letters to the senders, and was forwarding an Air Mail letter. This letter was a letter from True, - editor of S. I., discussing my letter about my manuscript. It was mailed from Washington in December 1935!
  After lunch Ruth and I walked up the main road to Government House abo[[strikethrough]]ut[[/strikethrough]]ve the hotel.
III-26-36  Mr. Peter phoned again that there is mail. It was forwarded from Barbados, and sent by a sloop. It contained letters from Wetmore, EB, the MacCoy's, etc., and also ten copies of my thesis. Wetmore's letter contained the news that A. N. Caudell had died suddenly. It also gave the publication date of the "Morphology of the Coleopterous Family Staphylinidae" as March 2, 1936.