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10  St. Lucia 10.
III-31-36  Up early today and got away from town by 7:45. Wasn't quite sure where I was going, but had my lunch and a tank full of gas. Went over the Cul de Sac Valley road to Dennery, south through Micoud to Vieux Fort, then west to Laborie and Anse Choiseul, and north to the town of Soufriere, second largest in the island. I hoped to be able to go from Soufriere to Anse La Raye, but was told at the Police Station that it was quite impossible. Returned same way.
  Stopped only once to collect. This was at
[[underlined]] Station 210. [[/underlined]]
1 mile south of Micoud on east coast, or 1/2 mile south of Troumassee River on the main road. Under dung in a large pasture took 55 Staphs (Paederinae - 1, Xantholininae - 1, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 4, [[underlined]] Aleochara [[/underlined]] - 3, Aleocharinae - 46), 3 Sphaeridiinae, 8 tiny Histerids, and 86 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]].
  This region is drier than the Castries coast, and is more rugged. The roads passes over many ridges and skirts several bays. The only beach that appeared good for collecting was at Dennery. Near the southern end of the island the bays are lined with mangroves. Much sugarcane is grown in the vicinity of Vieux Fort, and a very interesting hill south of the town bears a lighthouse. It is Cap Moule à Chique, the
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southernmost point. From Choiseul the road chinks rapidly up a long ridge, affording a fine view of Gros Piton. This is a massive rock 2619 ft. high, rising from the seashore. The road then dips down into the Soufrière Quarter (not a real valley), and just before it enters the town, gives an amazing view of Petit Piton. About a mile north of Gros Piton, this one is almost as high (2461 ft.) and very much steeper - a real Matterhorn. It is one of the most impressive peaks I've ever seen.
  I stopped at the Police Station in Soufrière and inquired about boarding houses. The one I wanted (that Box had told me of) was about three miles back along the road. I stopped there and talked for half an hour with Miss du Baulay. She has a private home into which she takes a few guests. The governor, administrator, chief of police, etc.. are among her periodic visitors. She has a very nice house, clean & well-painted, with modern fixtures. She was very willing to meet our desires as to price, etc. Only drawback is lack of electricity. The country round-about would undoubtedly be much better for collecting than Castries, and we may go to stay there later on. I saw several large cocoa groves, several rivers, forest, etc. The scenery is more pleasant than any of the northern part of the island.