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amateur entomologist. The walls of his apartment were crowded with oil paintings, most of which were very pleasing to me. Landscapes and farming scenes were the most common subjects depicted. Bierig's collection was large, was housed in well over a hundred schmitt boxes and was reasonably completely identified. However, I noted that certain easy species in Oxyporus were misidentified and therefore I would not be too ready to accept Bierig's identifications of old species.

Jan. 25. At 8.30 AM, Scaramuzza, Malberti and Navarrete came onto the boat and found me finishing my breakfast. The coffee that I had consumed the previous evening had prevented me from sleeping until nearly four this morning and I was still a bit groggy. Señor Malberti came from the Secretariat of Agriculture and was attached to me because I had expressed a wish to visit the agricultural station at Santiago de las Vegas. Señor Navarret[e] came from the Secretariat of Education and was attached to me because I wished to see the Gundlach collection, now under the care of that office. A car and chauffeur had been placed at my disposal for the duration of my stay in Cuba by the Secretary of Education. We went first to the Instituto de la Habana where the Gundlach collection is housed. The Institute has been closed for four years and the doors leading into the collection room were sealed. Bruner joined us and after some delay the proper official, escorted by a squad of policemen, arrived to break the seals and let us in. Although the building itself has been closed, the patio has been used by the Secretariat of Justice for use in registration of aliens and other purposes. As the boxes which hold the Gundlach collection are individually sealed, the examination of a specimen must be made through the glass top of the box at a distance of about two inches. Two hours was sufficient to go over the Scarabaeidae and I consider the time well spent. Among the specimens of [[underlined]] Ligyrus tumulosus [[/underlined]] I noted a single specimen of the new speciesof Dynastine from Oriente Province. It seems to be the same sex as mine and therefore no special importance to me. Bruner had been checking on some of the Hemiptera during this time and was now ready to go.
After a very good luncheon at a restaurant not far from El Capitolio, we were driven to the University of Havana to call on Dr Aguayo and to see his collections and the layout of his department. We also saw some of the construction work on the new Zoology building. A Representative of the Press took photographs of our