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ing my bag we went to the Hotel Tivoli where he had made a reservation for me. Before leaving the airport we learned that there would be no plane the next day so I could have a good night's sleep. I lay down until dinner time, then ate and went to bed.

Feb. 10. Komp came to the hotel at 9 and we started out to do some sightseeing. First he did some errands in Panamá City, which merges imperceptibly into Balboa. Next we went to the Gorgas Memorial Laboratory. Capt. Mitchener was on duty, otherwise the lab was nearly deserted. I saw the animal rooms and the breeding cages where the mosquitoes are reared for the experimental work with malaria. As Mrs Komp was away, Bill had lunch with me at the hotel. Marston Bates and his wife, who was Nancy Fairchild, were up from Villavicencio and Mrs Fairchild was down from Florida. Nancy had just had her third child. We all ate lunch together and certainly both Marston and Nancy are very attractive.
After lunch we called Zetek on the phone, found him in, and went to his home for a short call. We talked about the work at Barro Colorado Island mostly. From there we went to the airport to check my passage for the next day and then out the Canal Road to the first set of locks. We were able to go across the canal and see the beginnings of the duplicate set of locks that is being constructed. Back to the road and on to the Pedro Miguel locks and the Culebra Cut. We stopped to collect at spots along the road and near the Cut we turned in to the grounds of the Plant Industry Experiment Station at Summit. Collecting was not good but I did pick up a few interesting things. From Summit we went back to the hotel for dinner.

Feb. 11. Up at 4 AM and to the airport by bus.

[[piece of paper with the following table, glued to page, table consists of 4 columns]]

Mo Tu Th Sa Su | [[blank]] | [[blank]] | PANAGRA

[[dot]] 5:30 |.....|.....| Lv BALBOA (Albrook F'ld), C.Z. [[star]] #..75 [[degrees]]
8:45 |.....|.....| Ar CALI, Colombia [[star]] ... "
9:00 |.....|.....| Lv CALI, Colombia [[star]] ... "
.....|.....|.....| QUITO, Ecuador (see Table 18) ...
11:50 |.....|.....| Ar GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador [[star]] ... "
[[star]] 12:05 | "El |.....| Lv GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador [[star]] ... "
13:20 | Trans- |.....| Ar TALARA, Peru ... "
13:35 | conti- |.....| Lv TALARA, Peru ... "
14:50 | nental" |.....| Ar CHICLAYO, Peru ... "
15:00 |.....|.....| Lv CHICLAYO, Peru ... "
- 17:35 |-[[arrow pointing down]]---| -[[arrow pointing down]] | Ar LIMA (Limatambo), Peru ... "

[[end table]]

After my ticket was checked, I went to the lunch counter and had breakfast. Our plane was an hour late in starting; this one was a Douglas two motor TC3A, neither as roomy nor as comfortable as the one out of Miami. Our first stop was Cali where I bought six packs of Piel Roja cigarettes for a dollar bill. Should have had at least eight but there was no time to argue. At Guayaquil I had a bottle ready and picked up two mantids and some other things on the airport windows. Just after leaving Guayaquil we were ordered to put on our belts, even though we were not leaving or approaching an airport. Almost immediately we ran into a short but sharp storm with