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seen in addition to a few others collected. Alt. 3650 to 3700 ft. 1115 to 1125 m.

. [[underlined]] Distichlis maritima [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Atriplex confertifolia [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Suaeda suffrutescens [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Cleome sparsifolia [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Cleomella obtusifolia [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Gilia leptomeria [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Oenothera [[/underlined]] scapoidea  [[underlined]] purpurascens [[/underlined]]
. Oenothera gauraeflora
. [[underlined]] Atriplex parryi [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Franseria dumosa [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Sarcobatus vermiculatus [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Biscutella californica [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Krynitzkia circumscissa [[/underlined]]
Eriogonum reniforme 
. [[underlined]] Malacothrix sonchoides [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Oenothera brevipes [[/underlined]]
Lepidium fremontii
. [[underlined]] Oryzopsis cuspidata [[/underlined]]
. [[underlined]] Encelia eriocephala [[/underlined]] 
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