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[[upper left-hand corner of page missing]] rsday, Feb. 22, 1912
#180 McDonough St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Cold and Windy.

   Arise about 7:00, at #180 McDonough St., Brooklyn; and go to Jamaica with Dick; there take trolley to Flushing; go to Dr. Horace W. King and have my teeth filled. He gave me drills soft fillings, etc. with which to care for my teeth in the field. We were surprised to find I had a card of introduction to Fred Tracey in Singapore to whose sister King is engaged. I left Flushing early in the afternoon and went down to S.Brooklyn and go aboard the S.S.Bramley and talk to Capt. Ruthen, even talk to Dick, Helen and Aunt Soph and read and go to bed about 12:00.

Friday, Feb. 23, 1912.
   Cold, Clear.
      Do a few errands and go to N.Y.; go up to the museum about noon and go out to lunch with Dwight Franklin; after lunch, go upstairs and say good-bye to Miller, Dr. Dwight, Chapman, Adolph Elwyn & Miss Dickerson, & the fellows in the department of preparation. Leave the museum about 3:30; (at noon I saw Dr. Bailey), go over to Brooklyn and change my clothes and return to N.Y.; G.W. Elder, Jr. gave a dinner for me; have a good time; go up to 89th St., and sleep with Butler from 5:30 to 7:00 A.M., 24th; have breakfast with Butler & go down town, get my camera case and go to Brooklyn, try to get hold of an express-man, but being unable to get one, I hurried over to the S.S. office and learned that Bramley would sail about noon on Monday; do several errands, call on Mrs. Franklin & come over to Aunt Soph's to lunch & talk to Aunt Elizabeth & May Belle; meet Geo. Elder & others at hotel Empire at 4:15 & ride in his auto up to New Rochelle and later return to City and have dinner at Jack's; go to Brooklyn; could not get in;
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