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[[?]]night at the Hermitage - 12:15.

Sunday, Feb. 25, 1912.
Cold, Clear.
   Arise at the Hermitage Hotel, go to Brooklyn to talk to May Belle,
Dick, Ned, Helen & Aunt Soph.; Cloie Skelton & her cousin Royal Hyde
came to call, have a nice talk with Cloie. Aunt Maggie came in for a
few minutes to say good-bye to me. After dinner, Mrs. Franklin &
Butler came in to see me and brought me some magazines, etc.; later in
the afternoon, Aunt Soph. helped me pack an extra box & Cousin Edo
called in the early evening. I came over to N.Y. & met Geo. Elder &
spent the night with him; write mother 3:00.

Monday, Feb. 26, 1912.
   S.S. Bramley (N.Y.Bay).
   Cold. S.,R. Windy.
    Arise 6:00, go to #180 McDonough St. & have breakfast & meet May
Belle & take her to Grand Central depot. I then met Geo. Elder and he
went down town with me while I did some errands & then to see the
captain of the Bramley. I signed on as ship's doctor; the Captain
then said we would sail at 11:30; so Geo. & I rushed over to Brooklyn,
got a taxi & went to Aunt Soph. & I said good-bye to Helen & Aunt Soph.;
and drove with best speed to the boat. Dick, Geo. & Ludlow Raymond
were there to see me off. The boat left the pier about noon and anchored
down the bay and took aboard 30 tons of dynamite. In the evening
I talked to the pilot and captain; bed 10:00.

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 1912.
   Cold, Co.*
    Arise about 6:00. We were under way at day break; I went up on
the bridge & saw Sandy Hook light & light ship. I gave the pilot a
couple of letters to mail for me. When we were out of sight of the