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pilot we could see no sign of land. I spent the day sitting in the cabin with the captain and in standing on the Bridge in the middle of the morning and again just before going to bed I felt slightly sea-sick. It has been blowing ever since we left the Hook: bed 10:00. 

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 1912.
Clear, Windy.
    Arise about 7:00, walk about the deck and go all through the engine room, etc. with the chief engineer and look at the chief's camera. After dinner, read and then take a nap and sleep until supper time. After supper, go up on the bridge for a while and then come down and talk to the captain until I got rather sleepy & then go to bed. The salt air seems to make me always ready to sleep. Bed 10:00. 

Thursday, Feb. 29, 1912.
      Arise about 7:15; after breakfast go up on the bridge for a while and walk about the deck. She rolls quite a bit; I do not feel it as I did the first day out. After lunch I went up in the 2nd mate's room and talked to him for about an hour, then I came down in the cabin and read & developed some plates that I had taken before I left Brooklyn. The plates are very poor. After supper, I sat in the cabin and read and talked to Capt. Ruthen & went to bed at 10:15. 

Friday, March 1, 1912.
   Clear, Warm. 
        Arise 7:15; talk to captain and chief engineer, walk on deck and load some plates and make some exposures to try out my camera. Stay on deck for quite a while as the weather is mild and clear. After lunch, read, put threads on mammal labels and talk to the second mate up in the chart room. This is the best day we have had and the first day that a hard wind has not been blowing; evening sit in the cabin;
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