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talk to the captain & read & go to bed about 10:00. 

Saturday, March 2, 1912.
  Clear, C.R.
      Arise 7:15, go up on deck and walk back and forth for exercise and watch the gulls, about a dozen herring and a few Kittiwakes. I spent most of my time both this morning and this evening in putting threads on labels, though this afternoon I had a good sleep for about two hours. The salt air seems to give me a good appetite and makes me very sleepy. I always enjoy talking to Capt. Ruthen and the mates. Bed 10:30.

Sunday, March 3, 1912. 
  1132 Mi. E. of N.Y. 
  R. Cl. C. * sleet. 

     Arise about 7:15; after breakfast go up on deck and walk about for exercise, come down in cabin at 9:30 and put strings on labels until noon; after dinner go up on bridge and talk to second mate; watch sea-gulls. Then come down and talk to Captain. Late in the afternoon see a 3 masted schooner to the south, the first vessel seen since leaving N.Y. This evening I went up on the bridge and talked to the mate and later talked to Capt. Ruthen. Bed 9:45. 

Monday, March 4, 1912.
   C.R. Cl. R. 
        Arise about 7:15, walk about the decks and talk to the Captain & the mates, work practically all day stringing labels in the cabin. Late in the afternoon I developed some plates and then go on deck for a while. After dinner go up on the bridge and look at the stars & talk to the captain & 1st mate. The weather changes from clear to rain and back again very suddenly, but does not get very cold. Bed 10:00. 
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