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disappeared and have been replaced by Blockbacked gulls, one of which dropped a small fish on deck; besides the gulls I saw several duck, presumably scaups and 6 birds I took to be Tern. This evening I talked to Capt. Ruthen & Mr. Hill. Bed 9:30. 

Thursday, March 14, 1912. 
  S.S. Bramley.
  Clear, R. * 
      Arise about 7:00; the weather is stormy, wind ahead & blowing hard; we passed some steamers & a couple of sailing ships and I photographed a couple of them. I spent most of the day writing as it has been very disagreeable and wet on deck. I also whiled away the time by reading a magazine and talking to the captain and the first mate. We expect to be through the Straits of Gibralter by daybreak to-morrow. Bed about 9:45. 

Friday, March 15, 1912. 
  S.S. Bramley (Gibralter). 
  R. Clear

     I was awakened at 3:45, when the 2nd mate called the captain. The steering chain parted and we drifted about in the Straits; everything in the cabin was sliding about & seas washing aboard which went higher than the masts. We ran into Gibralter harbor after the chain was repaired, and after a little more repairing was done, we started on for Algiers, bucking into a head sea but after noon the wind was not so strong. This A.M., we drifted from the middle of the Straits of Gibralter to within a mile and a half of Ceuta Light on the Moroccan coast. Evening sit in first mate's room & talk to him, captain & 2nd Engineer. Go to bed about 10:00. 
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