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near the canal; evening write & talk to Capt. Ruthen.

Wednesday, March 27, 1912.
S.S. Bramley (Suez Canal & Bay of Suez).
C., Warm.

Arise about 6:30; go on deck & look at the canal & ducks, herons, flamingos, gulls, & couple of white vultures with black primaries, take a picture of a signal station beside the canal, & talk to the fellows on board & watch the passing ships come out into the bay of Suez & anchor for a short time & then go on; the weather is beautifully clear but very hot in the sun.  At sunset admire the beautiful coloring in the sky & barren mountains on either side of the Bay.  Go to bed about 10:00.

Thursday, March 28, 1916.
S.S. Bramley (Red Sea)
C., Warm.

Arise about 6:45 and go up on the bridge & with my glasses look at the reddish colored mountains to the east & see their summits far above the clouds, a truly beautiful sight.  I do not feel well to-day.  My stomach is out of order & makes me feel miserable.  There are a couple of wagtails on board which I have been watching catch flies on the decks.  Go to bed rather early.

Friday, March 29, 1912.
S.S. Bramley (Red Sea).
C., Warm.

Arise 6:40; my stomach is out of order and I feel miserable and weak this morning.  I stayed up on the bridge and sat in my chair talking to Capt. Ruthen & stringing a few labels.  See a couple wagtails, a bran swallow & a woodpecker resembling a flicker.  This afternoon I tried to print some pictures but the