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of the hold & I spent a portion of the day looking it over & repacking it.  This afternoon from the bridge I saw a very large school of porpoises & many flying fish & a snake or worm about 2 feet long.  Continued my letter to Florence & finished it this evening, after standing on the bridge for an hour or so.  Bed, 9:00.

Thursday, April 11, 1912.
S.S. Bramley (Off Minikoi Is. at 10 A.M.)

Arise 6:00 & go out on the deck & skip rope & exercise with dumbells, have a salt bath and after breakfast help the mate get my boxes containing my guns out of the hold, unpack, & try a couple of shots with my shotguns and this afternoon I read a couple of stories in a magazine & this evening wrote to Ludlow Raymond & have since been sitting on deck.  It has now started to rain & there has been much lightening.  Bed, 10:00.

Friday, April 12, 1912.
S.S. Bramley (168 Mi. W. Colombo at noon.)

Arise 5:50 and go on the forward deck and skip rope and exercise with dumbells, have a salt bath and spend the morning talking to the fellows and sitting on the bridge reading.  This afternoon I read some more, wrote to Mother and studies my prescriptions.  This morning I saw a very large waterspout but did not have any plates loaded so could not photograph it.  We expect to be in Colombo early to-morrow morning, write to mother.  Bed. 10:00.

Saturday, April 13, 1912.
S.S. Bramley (Colombo)
C. R.

Arise 6:00 after being up a couple of times during the night.