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Living Conditions on Edisto Island--
By Diana Brown

Edisto Island, South Carolina

[You pick] a basket uh beans fuh five an' one cent.  Two basket--w'at [what] it come to?  I wouldn't go dere today; not me!  I'll eat de beans, but I aint gine [going] go pick none dere.  W'en dem people come 'long dere, dey [they] gimme un handful, but me ain' gwine [going] dere.  I yeddy [hear] say Harrison daddy--Harison plant dere, you know.  Say he [his] pa come dere, run de people off de place, kick de people, cuss up de people; de people ne gone back; dey been dere fuh help finish pick.  He mean tid [to do] dat.  He say he ha' [have] no use fuh nigguh.  Yeh [yes], he care for men.  Ain't got no use fun nigguh.  He cuss up de people.  Dem gal [girls] come home; dey talk how he cuss dem.  Dey ain't gone back.  Dem men go fetch de ol' people home fuh dem pick dem bean; cuss de people up in de fiel'; say--de people say dat man is de meanes' man wuh [was].  Me no gwine dere.  Dey ha' no buc----.  If you cuss me, minnuh [me and] you fight.  Yeh, I--I ain' no fun cuss, you know.  I rudduh [rather] you knock me.  May's well tell de trut'.  See, I can't pass no bad words.  W'en [when] I been comin' down de line an' git een de chutch [church], man, I wussuh [worse].  W'en I had ----my husban' been uh my leaduh [leader]; an' wussuh, I had to stick, but dats my leaduh.  Yes mam.  Me de gwine gone, fuh minnuh [me and] dat buckra [white man] fight.  I lick dem head.  I tell dem plain yes--I say, "If I fuh go off to William's [William Seabrook] fuh de flour, William gwine lock me up; and dat young man haf fuh lock me up.  See, I gwine cuss em, you know.  I gwine tell em--tell em 'bout de nation.  I gwine tell em: "You red debil!  Youse uh red debil."  I say, "gawd's gine pick you up," and I say, "You'll nevuh fetch until Mr Mitchie Seabrook bring you on de place fuh obserseeuh [overseer]; den you do brag, but," [I] say, "Gawd gine [going] pick you up an' you ----," I tell em so.  Me no gwine dere.  Not me!  Me no gwine fuh no flour.  Dey [they] haf fuh set dat flour home.  De mail man tell me today.  [He] say w'en dem get dat flour oen de automobile, dey fuh go roun' to all de ol' lady do [door] an' put en dere.  Yeh!  Mr Bailey tell me dat today.
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