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Living Conditions on Edisto (Cont'd)--
By Diana Brown

Edisto Island, South Carolina

Buckra gie [give] de people corn--colored people corn fuh mek [make] crop.  Enti [isn't it] buckra w'at brag--- day de nigguh mek him crop off un grin' corn.  Gie you de barrel uh corn an' de sack.  You go de grin' em.  Dats all.  Dey ain' pay no money.  Dat ain' ne do now.  But me nevuh got de one.  No dark----I satisfy an' I cook em an' eat em.  Not a bag een de stable--an' dey [they] git togedduh to dat hall.  Say dey mek de crop off de nigguh--de corn.  Now dey say dey had uh Irish potatuh cull an' de people haffuh pick em een w'en de git it fuh em--pick dat cotton een fuh de Irish tatuh [potato].  Enti--enti rebel time comin' back?  All who nevuh shum [saw it] --enti de comin' back.  I say, "Tank Gawd dey ain' got me han'", kay [because] I can't sit down an' cross my feet.  Nobody ain' worry w'ere [where] Diana been, Kay my time done come tru [through].  I done been tru dat.  Now de chillun de fret.  I say dem buckra got dem young chillun fuh wuk [work] fuh dem--dem own.  You see!  Yeh, I yeddy [heard] Mr Dan [Polk] say him boy de fix fuh de soldiers--de fus [first] war.  W'en--w'en dem done do all dat, dat ain' de one dese young boy w'at uh travel de road.  Heh!  You ain' nevuh gine git no ol' people.  All de ol' people done gone.  Say one dem--dem de one--one nevuh wuk fuh dem chillun.  Dat mek dem de save dere money.  Tuk dem corn dis yeah [year]--had uh big crop---cotton mos' ready fuh pick till de cotton de drop blossom.  Den go to de store tru dat hall.  Den dey brag--say de nigguh mek dem crop--- mek dem--den mek dem crop off corn.  Corn---an' now dey gine pick---dey go dere an' git dat cull tatuh.  Den you pick een de cotton fuh dem.  Now dat uh sup'm [something!----- You are dere Edisto, you know.  I come now [to] see today---I been up to Sistuh Campbell house.  An' I peal some potatuh-- put on de do [door].  I say, "Sister Campbell," I say, "You ever see cat eat raw tatuh skin?"

Sistuh Campbell say, "Sistuh, sup'm de comin'; it is starvation dere, but dem people no know."

I say: "Dem buckra sen' feed here fuh feed we, an' dem carry em gie de young people w'at ain' de wuk dere on dem place.  Dey sham.  Dey ain' de gie em no--no wid-- no widow.  Dem de carry em de gie em de people w'at have man an' wife an' chillun de wuk fuh dem."

Dey ain' gie we none.  Dey low [allow]--say we too ol'.  We can't wuk fuh dem.  Yes, mam!  Now dey quarrel, fuh we
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