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[[image: A black and white photograph of a bald African-American man using a two-man saw outside a plank cabin]]

Hags -- By Sancho Singleton
Johns Island, South Carolina

Dey used to be comin' in de room in yo sleep--an' dark-- an' bear on you, an' dey feel kind uh heavy.  Say de whole person is lay wait upon you in de--in de bed.  Den you can't wait.  Den de person who tell say de hag used to ride em, like de two uh [of]we in de house, you'll be wake dat time  An' w'en de hag will ride you, you'll groan.  Den you---den de one of em who wait--dey'll take uh han'ful uh mustard seed an' trow [throw] em unduh de bed.  Den he wake de pers[[e?]]n who de hag de ride.  An' w'en he wake him, den he wake up-- den de house crack.  An' w'en de house crack, de hag can't go.  Den de hag got to pick up every grain uh dat mustard seed an' ----every grain--- an' pit [put] em in a little cup before he come out dere.  Den he catch de haf.  An' w'en he catch de hag, he didn' see de hag; dey low [allowed] he got em.  Well, all right!  day clean broad [broad daylight].  Uh ol' lady will come 'long an' ax to knock to de door.  Say, "Son," say, "Please" ----de very one who de hag ride, now ---say, "Gimme uh drink uh watch."  An' dat is de very ol' lady ride dat person dat night.  An' if you gie em uh drink uh watuh, den he'll [she'll] do, an' if you don't gie'em no watuh fuh drink, den, cose [of course], he'll be on dey [there] all day; come back: "Gimme some milk, gimme some mo fuh drink."  Somebody will--in de neighborhood---will say, "Look oh here, w'ere dat hag at --- ol' lady wag around here so keep uh beggin' fuh something dat uh way?

"Well, uh-uh-uh hag ride me las' Wight, an' uh--I don't know wey [what] side he ride --in de--he ride in de house an' feel heavy on me, an' aftuh dat same ol' lady."

He say, "Yes!" He say, "I do; well, if you give dat ol' lady uh piece uk milk or gie em uh piece uh fire, dat ol' lady is go from here, because he'll get his--his--uh--take hisself back.  Well, de ol, lady been 'round dere--- was hang down, swag down fuh trae [three] long days; didn' eat nutt'n; keep uh beggin' fuh uh piece uh bread, beggin'
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