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fuh uh matches; an' it don't mattuh who give em, but you haffuh five em something wid your own han' de one who de hag ride.  If you don't give em, he'll die.  Den, dey keep uh wonderin' round'---wonderin' roun' fuh tree uh fo days.  After he fin' nobody wouldn' give em nutt'n, he took sick.  Den de people went from dere an' ax em -- say, "Look uh here!"  Say, "Mausuh, what's de mattuh wid you?"

He say, "I'm too [very] sick."

Say, "Why you always go roun' an' ax dat man an' dat woman to give you uh matches, or give you uh piece uh bread, or give you some -- uh piece uh fire, or sup'm like uh dat?  Why you worryin' dat certain person so far?"

He say, "Well"--say, "I want sup'm to eat."

"Well, how----pos [supposed] de nex' neibhbuh or de [[new?]] man give you someting to eat."

He say, "No, I much rudduh [rather] have it from dat man."

Say, "Now, if you tell de trut' now," he says "we will give --- make dat man give you uh -- de matches or de fire, whichsomevuh you ax em fuh, but ain' you is uh hag?"

He say, "No!"

"Well, all right, you stay right dere an' punish."

An' he stayed dere fuh anudduh two days.  Went back dere again; he sent fuh em.

Say, "I willin' to tell you. 'cause I feel like I gine to die."  He say, "Yes!" say, "I'm uh hag an' I rides em."

He was so weak he couldn' walk; an' he take em to de man house an' de man han' em uh matches.  Den he sperit come back to him an' he gone [went] away.  [Laugh].  Dat was dat kind uh ------.
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