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J.W. Hammitt. College Hill, Ohio. Indian axes. Dec. 67
[[blue checkmark]] W.R. Limpert. Groveport, [[Franklin?]] Co. Ohio III.68 Birds
S.J. Kirkwood. Tiffin. Ohio. General Nov.68
Lewis Ulbrich " [[Ditto for: Tiffin]] Zoologist. [[?]] Nov.68
W. Anderson, Brownsville, [[insertion]] Murphy [[?]] [[?]] [[/insertion]]  Indian relics, explorer [[mammals? minerals?]] May.73 ([[I.? J.? Dille? Dills?]])
W. Kinney. Portmouth. Ohio.  Archeology. 74) Rau
D.G.S.B. Hempstead " " " " [[Dittos for:  Portmouth Ohio Archaeology 74)]]
[[Blue checkmark]] Charles Dury. 124 Main St. Cincinnati eggs Oct.74
S.A. Miller No. 8 West Third Street. Cincinnati (Pal. 74
[[blue checkmark]] Dr H.H. Hill 5 Race St Cincinnati / Archaeol. 74) Rau
[[blue checkmark]] Thos. [[strikethrough]] H Clennesy [[/strikethrough]] Cleneay ([[strikethrough]] care S. A. Miller above) [[/strikethrough]] 402 West 6' St. Cin archaeol. 74 Rau
C.B. Dyer Care Les Boutilliere Bros Cincinnati. Archaeol.
R.W. Mercer 148 Main St. Cincinnati. dealer in Indian relics
[[blue checkmark]] Dr. C.A. Miller [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] S.W. Corner Court & Baymiller St. Cin. (Pal. Ethnol) 75
Prof I.F. Judge N.W. Cerrus Court & Cutler St. Cin.
R.B. Moore 173 Laurel St. Cin. Ethnol. 75

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[[pencil]] Ohio [[/pencil]]
[[This sheet possibly in a different hand?]]
[[underlined]] Ohio [[/underlined]]

[[blue checkmark]] Dr. J. P. Kirtland, East Rockport Cuyahoya Co. B Dc .1
Dr. J. S. Newberry, Cleveland
[[blue checkmark]] R. R. Winstow " [[Ditto for: Cleveland]] Dc .1
[[blue checkmark]] Wm Case  " [[Ditto for: Cleveland]] B
J. Brainerd  " [[Ditto for: Cleveland]]
Capt. Howard Stansbury U.S.A. N. Paul bird
John W. Vancleve, Dayton Dead?
[[blue checkmark]] M. C. Reed, Hudson [[pencil]] (Orn.) [[/pencil]] Dc
Lewis Gronemey, Germantown [[pencil]] (Zool) [[/pencil]]
[[blue checkmark]] A. C. Ross, Zanesville m. B. D.
Ebenezer Lane, Sandusky, Erie Co. [[pencil]](Entom) [[/pencil]]
Dr. J. M. D. Matthews, Hillsboro, Highland Co. Dc
[[blue checkmark]] Prof. Gen N. Allen, Oberlin Col [[pencil]] (Orn.) [[/pencil]] B Dc
[[blue checkmark]] Dr. J. C. Wormley Columbus B. 1.
Leo Lesquereux " [[Ditto for: Columbus]]
James Sullivant " [[Ditto for: Columbus]]
Prof S. N. Sanford, Granville Licking Co. Dc
David Christy, Oxford
David J. W. Andrews, Marietta B
C. A. Ely, Elyria Lorain Co.
Dr. Edwin Kelley " " [[Ditto for: Elyria Lorain Co.]] (orn) Dc
J. G. Anthony Cincinnatti .1
[[blue checkmark]] Dr. J. A. Warden [[Ditto for Cincinnati]]
J. W. Ward " [[Ditto for: Cincinnati]]
Robert Clarke " [[Ditto for: Cincinnati]]
Joseph Clark " [[Ditto for: Cincinnati]]

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