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Illinois Natural History Society.
     ESTABLISHED  JUNE 20, 1858
President,  --  J.B. TURNER, Jacksonville.
          Vice Presidents.
     J.H. McCHESNEY, Springfield.
     EDMUND ANDREWS, Chicago.
     M.L. DUNLAP, Urbana.
     B.M. WILEY, Anna.
     B.G. ROOTS, Tamaroa.
     A.M. GOW, Dixon.
     S.B. MEAD, Augusta.
     Wm. LeBARON, Geneva.
Secretary,  --  RICHARD HOLDER, Bloomington.
Treasurer,  --  E.R. ROE,           "
Superintendent,  --  C.D. WILBER,  "
Curator,  --  CYRUS THOMAS, Murphysboro.
          Executive Committee.
    I.  Botany...........Geo. Vasey, Ringwood.
                         Frederick Brendel.
                         S.B. Mead.

    II. Geology..........C.D. Wilber.
                         J.D. McChesney.
                         Ira Moore, Bloomington.

    III. Entomology......Cyrus Thomas
                         B.D. Walsh, Rock Island.

    IV. Conchology.......E.R. Roe.
                         D.S. Sheldon, Davenport,

    V.  Ornithology,  -- Richard Holder

    VI. American Antiquities, -- C.D. Bragdon,
[[/preprinted note]]
Edwin A. Clifford.  Evanston   [[geo. WH?]]
William Blackburn.  Rockford. (orn. taxid.) orn 62
[[blue checkmark]] Phil. M. Springer.  Springfield.  (Birds In)
[[blue checkmark]] Dr. J. W. Velie.  Rock Island.  Birds. [[neo.?]] 63
Henry Shimer.  Mt. Carroll Sem. Carroll Co. Birds. 11. 64 1
G. W. Belpage. Walnut Grove (or Altoona) Knox Co. Entom. Collector
Dr. W. Stimpson. P.O. box [[strikethrough]] 2138 [[/strikethrough]] Chicago. Box 1430 (68) 263 Wabash Av.
Joel Reeves, Eq. Ainsworth. Cook Co.  yr. 10. 65
[[Flint?]] Kennicott Grove Cook Co.
G. W. Belpage   87 Ohio St.  Chicago  Eula. Coll
Dr. Jno. M. Woodworth [[strikethrough]] 276 [[/strikethrough]] Wabash Avenue. Chicago T. 67.
John H. Clark.  Noble.  Richland Co.
W. B. Ridgway.  Mount Carmel.  Wabash Co.
[[blue checkmark]] Geo. C. Walker [[strikethrough]] 201 [[/strikethrough]] 274 Michigan Avenue. Chicago Jul 68
T. M. Perrine. Anna, Union Co.  archaeol. 73
[[blue checkmark]] F. S. Benson Taxidermist  Freeport.  (Oct. 73)
new Dr. J. F. Snyder.  Virginia. Cass Co. Ethnol. 74

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[[pencil]] Illinois [[/pencil]]
[[underlined]] Illinois [[/underlined]]
Robert Kennicott Grove  [[strikethrough]] West Northfield  care Ian Redfield 752 P.O. Chicago [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Room 27 Metropolitan Blvd.  Chicago.  1866 [[/insertion]] Cook Co. Dc.
[[strikethrough]] Wm. J. Shaw, Tremont Tazewell Co. [[/strikethrough]]  Dead
Joel Hall, Athens Menard Co.
Dr. S. B. Mead, Augusta Hancock Co.
J. O. Harris, Ottawa LaSalle Co. Dc
Dr. J. W. Freer, Chicago
[[strikethrough]] Col. L. W. Ashley, Duquoin Perry Co. [[/strikethrough]]
C. A. Aneely, Elida  Winnebago Co.
Lewis J. Germain,  Galena  Dubuque Co.
Rev. Addison Lyman, Genesee Henry Co. [[pencil]] (nat hist) [[/pencil]]
A. H. Worthon, Warsaw Hancock Co.
Wm. [[insertion]] M. [[/insertion]] F. [[strikethrough]] N. [[/strikethrough]] Arny ^ [[insertion]] Hyatt, Anderson Co., Kansas [[/insertion]] Bloomington. McLean Co.
[[blue checkmark]] Dr. Frederick Brendel. Peoria B. Dc. 1
Dr. E. R. Roe Bloomington. Ill.
Col. S. W. Ashley, Anna. " [[Ditto for: Bloomington?]] Union Co.
Cyrus Thomas. Murphysboro, Jackson Co. Insects.
Fred. Kaempfer. Box 1392. Chicago. B Dc Taxidermist
Thos. E. Blackney. Chicago. Dc. 1 orn
[[strikethrough]] Dr. W. A. Gordon. Warsaw. Ill. B [[/strikethrough]] e
[[blue checkmark]] J. W. [[strikethrough]] Salmon [[/strikethrough]] Tolman Winnebago [[insertion]] Depot. [[/insertion]] Ill.  eggs B. Dc.1
Master J. C. Tolman.  care of above
"  [[Ditto for: Master]]  George Beard " " [[Ditto for: care of above]]
[[blue checkmark]] Benjamin Whitaker, Warsaw, Birds B. Dc
Benj. D. Walsh Rock Island Entom. 1 Dead
Richard Holder  Bloomington,  Dc. [[b? h?]]   
Dr. H. Sherman,  Channahon  Will Co. (Supt. Pub. Inst.)  general Dc.
N. R. D. Farley. Jerseyville. shell
[[blue checkmark]] Wm. S. Johnston  Prest.  Audobon Club.  Chicago
Emil Haenser.  Galena min
[[blue checkmark]] Wm. M. Reid.  Waukegan Birds
Jno. M. Woodworth. [[strikethrough]] Box 678 [[/strikethrough]] P.O. Chicago 

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