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Amendments to the Bye Laws
Art 11th. that each member of this Company shall be charged with all Moneies, Clothing, and other expences, that shall occur for his especial benefit, excepting, Tools, Provisions, Passage freight &c from the commencement of this expedition until the final dissolution of the aforesaid Company-

Art 12th. that in case of Sickness or inability of either or any of us, or loss of time on his own account, or not for the benefit of the Company, he or they shall lose such time or times, that he is not at work for the interests of the Company, he or they, shall also pay to the Company for Board (if with them.) One Dollar per day, and such loss of time and Board shall be deducted from his or their Share of the nett proceeds, when we arrive at New York. Then shall be an accurate account kept of the same with each member of the Company, but in no case shall this article conflict with or destroy the arrangements laid down in Article 4th