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[[underlined]] 14 [[/underlined]]

Supper on Deck. Sea Biscuit Smoke Beef & Tea sweetened with Molasses

Friday Jany 26th '49. 6 A.M. Weather a little cooler. Wind North West blowing a good Breze. Saw a Large ship astern of us, apparently going the Same Course that we are. Eat on Deck again to day as usual, making a table of anything that would hold a [[underlined]] tin pan [[/underlined]] & [[underlined]] tin Cup [[/underlined]]. I have delayed giving a minute description of our Meals and the mode of Eating them in hopes that every day might bring about a change for the better but in that we are Sadly disappointed. We have eaten our Meals, (if they may so be called. but they are not deserving of the Name), more like hogs than human beings. after grabbing what little the Stewards had sett out to us, some would take up their Tin pans and run to the Cooks Galley and beg for more. the greatest beggar and biggest Hog would get the most to eat. so far our Meals have been a repetition of the Same thing, Vis Lobscous & Hard Bread for Breakfast Hard bread & Lobscous for dinner. Hard Bread, Herring & Tea sweetened with Molasses for Supper. 12 M Lat 36° 02 North Long 64° 00' West. Wind varying a point more to the West, and Blowing what the Sailors term a good "Wholesale  Breze". We had for dinner to day besides the usual meal "Plum Duff" a sort of a Pudding boiled in a Bag, which was the best dish that we have had yet. Saw a number of Porpoises to day -

Saturday Jany 27th '49. 6 A.M. Cloudy has the appearance of rain. Weather a little cooler. Wind West, North West Strong. Slept but very little last night. our berths being on the Windward side of the Ship it was difficult to keep in them [[strikethrough]] berth [[/strikethrough]] without bracing. the Vessel being very [[underlined]] "Crank"
[[/underlined]] a moderate Wind brings her over on her Sides. the usual Breakfast this morning in the usual way. after Breakfast

Transcription Notes:
'Crank'- a nautical term for unstable or likely to capsize