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[[underlined]] 24 [[/underlined]]

Coresponding days of last week. occasionally an Extra not worthy of Note. a repetition of the same thing and more especially our Meals & the Mode of eating them, is not very interesting or instructive. I will for the future decline giving a description of them unless a change occurs worthy of Note -

Wednesday Feby 14, 1849. 6 AM. cloudy. Weather Mild light winds and Variable. we now begin to feel the inconvenience of a Small Ship crowded with Passengers, a Small Cabin crowded with Baggage & no Ventillation, and to make the place still more disagreeable especially in the warm Latitudes the Cabin is furnished with 3 or 4 dirty & half trimed Oil Lamps, which emit a Smoke equal to a Blast furnace. 12 M Lat 10°25' North Long 25°05' Wish nothing worthy of note occurred the remainder of the day. I find it quite a task, especially one like myself, who have allways been engaged in other pursuits than writing, to find material about which to write. there is much of a Sameness on Ship Board day after day. and seldom anything occurs to change the Monotony of the Scenes

Thursday Feby 15, 1849. 5 A M, Arose this morning and took a Bath, which is performed in the following maner. some 4 or 5 club together, one of which takes a bucket, draws the Water and dashes it upon the rest & Visa Versa - Weather Warm light wind from the North East. the Temperature of the Weather about the same as July or August in New York, 12 M. Lat 8°01' North. Long 25°05' West.

Friday Feby 16, 1849. 5 A,M, took a Bath again this morning. Weather Mild. a clear Sky & perfect Calm. most of the Passengers slept on Deck last night, which at Sea they are perfectly safe in doing so without fear of danger, as there is no dews falling at Sea. The Weather now

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