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distant Bound Northward. Some of the Passengers wished to go on Board of her. The Captain consented to let his Boat go, also another Boat belonging to Mr Deforest of Staten Island. about 8 a m the two Boats were lowered and Manned. Paulison accompanied one & Byxbee the other of our Company. I wrote a hasty letter, as also did several others hoping it might be a Vessel Bound for the States. the Boat returned about 4 P.M. and the Boys very much fatigued, it proved to be the Bark Taymar. Capt J. Hall. 85 days from Manilla with a Cargo of Hemp and Bound for London. the Capt gave them cheering news from California, which beat anything we had heard of yet. he obtained his information from a Whaleman at Cape Town, that had just returned from a cruise in the Pacific. The other was the Bark Peytona Capt Leeds from New York with 18 Passengers & Bound for California. they Sailed from New York Jany 16th, 6 days before we did. they had experienced a number of Calms. the passengers all well. and in good spirits. except the Capt who did not like the idea of being beaten. 12 M Lat 2° 56' N Long 23° 35' West -
Wednesday Feby 21st 149. 4 AM. Weather hot & Clear No Winds. 6 or 8 of the Passengers took the Boat this Morning and paid another Visit to the Bark Peytona and was returned by some 8 or 10 of them who visited us. they intend stopping at Rio Janiero, and offered to bet any amount that they would beat us to Valparaiso, which was readily taken up by some of our Passengers 12 M Lat 2° 52' North Long 23° 31' W The Wind breezed up a little and we soon lost sight of the Bark Peytona -