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Thursday Feby 22nd 1849. 5 A M. Weather warm and Clear. light Wind. This being the anniversary of the Birth day of Washington, and was Celebrated in good style on board of the Ship. A Salute was fired at Sun rise with Muskets, Rifles & Small arms. Music consisted  of a fife and 
^[[insertion]] and [[/insertion]] Empty Water Cask for a Drum. the American Flag was hoisted and permitted to remain there during the day. in the Evening an address was delivered by Mr H.C Gardiner of Rhode Island a Lawyer by profession. the address was a good one and well suited for the occasion, he gave a small sketch of the Life, Services & Character of Washington. he alluded to the new State of California, and the object of the persons emigrating there, and compared our little Bark to the "May Flower" which conveyed the Pilgrims to their new homes in the Western World. Lat 2° 52' North Long 23° 35' West -

Friday Feby 23rd 1849. 6 AM. Weather Warm & Clear light wind from the South East. Sleeping on the Deck nights. & Salt Water Bathing are common occurrences. 12 M Lat 2° 37' North Long 23° 40' West the day was chiefly spent in endeavoring to keep cool. a good glass of Croten Water with Ice would be considered a luxury at the present time. the Water is Horrible that we have on Board the Ship. the Stench arising from some of the Casks is very offensive.

Saturday Feby 24th 1849. 6 A M. Weather Hot & clear. a light wind from the North East and going about 3 Miles an hour. 12 M Lat 2° 16' North Long 23° 57' West. there came up a Rain Squall this afternoon accompanied with a good Breeze of Wind which lasted about 2 hours -

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