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[[underlined]] Pasadena [[/underlined]]

experimenting at hybridization, etc.  We went to Los A. by the Oak Knoll road which goes out through the orange groves and hills & passed the Indian Crafts camp. 
[[margin]] Mt. [[underlined]] Lowe [[/underlined]] [[/margin]]
Wednesday we went up Mt. Lowe, taking the electric road at the top of the incline & winding around the sides of ridges - & out on the edge on 'the horseshoe' - looking down on the valley and on canyons filled with long-around [[underlined]] Pseudotsuga macrocarpa [[/underlined]] - till we got to the [[space left blank - name of "inn"]]  inn which is an attractive house with a big fireplace in the office, a pretty redwood & green dining-room, etc.  Here, with a blowing of the bugle, the horsebackers start up the trail for the peak - 1100 ft. in 2 1/2 miles. At the (Upper Sonoran) top the bugle blows and echos answer from the canyons. Vernon walked up and back in a little over two hours, stopping to make plant notes etc - did better than the horses.  While waiting I got another woman whose husband had gone up, to go out to 'Inspiration Point' with me.  She was evidently on a wedding trip.  She had lived in Butte Montana most of her life, tho [[insertion]] she had [[/insertion]] later gone to Utah (she wore a jewelled cross - to show that she was [[underlined]] not [[/underlined]] a Mormon?) - and how now been abroad 4 months & was on her way to ^ [[insertion]] near [[/insertion]] Prescott, Arizona to live.  From the point
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[[margin]] [[underlined]] Mt. Lowe [[/underlined]] [[/margin]]
there was a view down the whole of Pasadena, the hills beyond, while in spite of smoke from a number of fires the two peaked points and the line of the Catalina hills showed, & the surf could be seen at the foot of a promontory this side.  The rounded tops of manzanita, some blue green some yellow green in the sun were beautiful on the chaparral hillsides, but the gulches & cold slopes filled with spruce were the best, with thin long arms & shadows.
It was interesting to trace out the trails on the mountains above.  The Wilson's Peak [[image]] now distinct - now lost around a shoulder, again appearing as a line in the chaparral. With the glass which spots turned to camp houses and the white observatory building could be seen.
While waiting at the hotel, sitting at the head of the steps. the bellboy. (See [[underlined]] Parus gambeli [[/underlined]]) There an old white haired gentleman & his son sat down and the son got out a bag of nuts & drew the squirrels & after a time then chickadees  to him by the [[underlined]] quietness [[/underlined]] of his ways. The old man looked on much interested.  It was pleasant to see men engaged in such sport.  At our turn ^ [[insertion]] there was [[/insertion]] one boy standing in the sun with upstretched hand called to the chickadees - calling insistently -