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[[underlined]] Pasadena [[/underlined]]
[[margin]] [[underlined]] Mt. Lowe [[/underlined]] [[/margin]]

[[underlined]] making [[/underlined]] them come - and two or three women with ^ [[insertion]] nutty [[/insertion]] hands out in a row for the birds to chose from! And at the same time they were coming to me, farther along. The birds also came to people seated on the 2chair balconies opening from the office.  Going down the electric car the tops of the ridges were in sunshine, the shadows between. On the incline a jocose man with a wife stood up looking down making remarks - "If those ropes should break - - I tell you now my heart is in my mouth! - - I wouldn't look down - it'd make me dizzy!" Tuberculosis man 1st tamed chickadees then died.
Thursday specimens were packed up & preparations made for a 4 days pack trip in the mts. Mr. Griswell loaned blankets & canvas & helped get a bright young Casper Club boy who has made the trip before and whose brother years ago killed a grizzly up there.  Friday ^ [[insertion]] 9.30 [[/insertion]] A.M. they started, with 2 saddle horses & a pack horse. The packing was done on the street & a bedridden special invalid watched from his windows with an opera glass, an event to him!
(on his bed is [[underlined]] Kept by the love of God [/underlined]] & his serene, smiling face upholds the text)
In some of the store windows here you see [[underlined]] Se habla Espanole [[/underlined]]
In a hardware store - Solar Heaters
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[[margin]] [[underlined]] Bedridden invalid [[/underlined]] [[/margin]]
In the house is a bedridden special patient - 25 yrs ago Weir Mitchell had charge of her case.  Only daughter -  only child - dead - invalid for about 30 years - bedridden now for years - but the most cheerful person in the house. Kept by the Power of God & other texts are around her bed, & 'holy books' on her tables. She says she thinks McKinley's [[strikethrough]] beau [[/strikethrough]] death did more than his life for the people - says it showed that his religion wasn't just words - & she scrubs the tears from her eyes so you only guess how hardly now is her own courage. She keeps busy. In Sept. has 25 boxes ready for xmas - gives to a great many so cant give expensive presents. Sends papers to needy frontier ministers, loans books, etc.
Old army surgeon taught by nurses in hospital to knit & crochet.  Seen first on upper piazza in knitted bedroom slippers, knitting - think he must be a dreadful cripple passing away the time, but appears that he is able bodied - can get about - but not practising & when not reading does this - not to sell - pass the time.  Pathetic tenderhearted old fellow - trouble made between him & his wife & he alone - goes & comes to his meals outside & nobody pays much of any attention to him.  A Seattle girl of Italian father
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