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[[underline]] Chapter XII. [[/underline]] 253.

that in the existing circumstances the province of Shansi offered the best opportunities. At present, however, our expedition deemed it wisest to confine itself to further investigations at Lighthouse Point.  On July 25th, therefore, Mr. Wenley and Mr. James M. Menzies, [[superscript]] (228) [[/superscript]] who had kindly of-
[[superscript]] (228) [[/superscript]] Mr Menzies, well known for his work on the "Oracle-bones" and other remains of the Shang Dynasty, was then stationed at Chang-tĂȘ [[2 Chinese characters]], in northern Honan, but was in Peitaiho for the summer. He is now connected with the Royal Ontario Museum, at Toronto, Canada.
fered his aid, began additional surveys of the site there.

[[underline]] Excavations at Lighthouse Point. [[/underline]]
  Meanwhile I paid a couple of visits to Peking, where business matters demanded my attention. Then, in company with Mr. Tung and Dr. C. Li, I made further investigations of the ancient earthworks, certain details of which still puzzled me.  I also got in touch, largely through the kindness of Dr. V. K. Ting and Dr. J. C. Ferguson, with the local headquarters of the Kung-i Hui [[3 Chinese characters]] or "Peitaiho Association", and obtained its permission to dig at Lightouse Point.
  On Aug. 12th, accordingly, we set half-a-dozen laborers to work making a trial excavation just west of the lighthouse itself (see page 99).  We continued digging for rather over a meter, down to undisturbed soil; but we found nothing aside from a few potsherds of the kind already described (see pp. 202 [[underline]] sq. [[/underline]]).
  Thus convinced that traces of the Han Dynasty occupation of the area [[strikethrough]] (see page 206) [[/strikethrough]] had practically all disappeared, save perhaps for the problematical small square earthwork already mentioned^[[,]] [[strikethrough]] (see page 200), [[/strikethrough]], we shifted our attention to a spot just inside or south of the section of earthen wall that I had first found, the year before, [[strikethrough]] (see page 199). [[/strikethrough]]
  Here the presence, on or just beneath the present surface, of pot-

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