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Frontispiece... Grave-mound of Ch'in Shih Huang Ti (d. 210 B.C.), "First Emperor" of China.

Plate 1, fig. 1.. Pagoda at the Ch'i Hsia Ssŭ.
" fig. 2.......... Disintegration of sculptures, Yün Kang.
Plate 2, fig.1... Sculptured cliffs, Yün Kang.
" fig. 2.... Great stone Buddha, Yün Kang.
Plate 3, fig. 1.. Pai Ma Ssŭ temple-monastery, Honan.
" fig. 2... Remains of earthen city-wall, Old Lo-yang.
Plate 4, fig. 1.. Pagoda of the Pai Ma Ssŭ.
" fig. 2... Carving in temple-court, the Pai Ma Ssŭ.
Plate 5, fig. 1 ..Part of bronze hoard, Hsin Chêng Hsien.  
" fig. 2... Great bronze bells, Hsin Chêng Hsien.
Plate 6, fig. 1... Bronze "steamer (fang tsêng), Hsin Chêng Hsien.
" fig. 2... Bronze vases with zoömorphic handles, Hsin Chêng Hsien.
Plate 7, fig. 1... Bronze bird-figures, as found, Hsin Chêng Hsien.
" fig. 2... Bronze zoömorphic figure (dog?), Hsin Chêng Hsien.
Plate 8, fig. 1... Spheroidal bronze vase (lei). Hsin Chêng Hsien.
" fig. 2... Bronze monster-figure, as found, Hsin Chêng Hsien.
Plate 9, fig. 1... Pagoda, Hsin Chêng Hsien.
fig. 2... Exploratory pit, Hsin Chêng Hsien.
Plate 10, fig. 1... Corridor to tomb-chamber, Hsin Chêng Hsien.
" fig. 2... East-by-west trench, Hsin Chêng Hsien.
Plate 11, fig. 1... Object of worked antler (cheek-piece of bit?), Hsin Chêng Hsien.
" fig. 2... Object of worked shell(sickle-blade?), Hsin Chêng Hsien.


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