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[[underlined]]Plates.[[/underlined]]              iii.
Plate 26, fig. 2....Bone arrowheads copied from metal originals, for funerary use; North China.
Plate 27, fig. 1....City-wall of Han bricks, To Ho Chên.
" fig. 2....Remnants of burial-chamber, Wang Fên Wa.
Plate 28, fig. 1....Lei Ku T'ai (mound), general view.
" fig. 2....Want Fên Wa (mound), northern slope.
Plate 29, fig. 1....Earthenware model of Han cookstove, Wang Fên Wa.
" fig. 2...."Badlands: on way to the Wang Fên Wa mound.
Plate 30, fig. 1....Stone door-lead, Wang Fên Wa.
" fig. 2....Stone lintels, Wang Fên Wa.
Plate 31, fig. 1....Brick cist, Wang Fên Wa; before clearing.
" fig. 2....Same, after clearing.
Plate 32, fig. 1....Trench, Lei Ku T'ai mound.
" fig. 2....Burial-vaults, Lei Ku T'ai mound.
Plate 33, fig. 1....Bowls found in the Lei Ku T'ai mound.
" fig. 2....Jars found in the Lei Ku T'ai mound.
" [[image - check mark]] fig. 3....Broken [[underlined]]li[[/underlined]] tripod and legs, Lei Ku T'ai mound.
Plate 34....Potter-making today by "coiling" process, near Hangchow (kindness of Dr. R. L. Pedleton).
Plate 35, fig 1....Pottery lamps, Lei Ku T'ai mound.
" fig. 2....Pottery jars,Wang Fên Wa mound.
" fig. 3....Pottery tripod, Wang Fên Wa mound.
Plate 36....Coast of the Peitaiho promontory.
Plate 37, fig. 1....Shepherds in sheepskin coats, near Ta T'ung.
" fig. 2....Exploring loess ravine south of Ta T'ung.
Plate 38, fig. 1....Bronze macehead, North China; actual size.
" fig. 2....Common form of Chinese bronze sword-hilt, approx. 2/3 actual size.
" fig. 3....Bronze arrowhead (bent in action?) and ibex, Kuei-hua; actual size.