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iv. [[underlined]]Plates.[[/underlined]]
Plate 39, fig. 1. Bronze dagger and knives, Kuei-hua; approx. 1/2 actual size.
" fig. 2. Bronze heads of lance and javelins (?), Kuei-hua; approx. 1/2 actual size.
Plate 40, fig. 1. Hill-village of Hsi Ssu-erh Ts'un; Fang Shan.
" fig. 2. Earthen terrace and altar; Fang Shan.
Plate 41. Grave mound of the Empress Wen Ming, looking northeast; Fang Shan plateau.
Plate 42, fig. 1. Distant view of Fang Shan plateau, with grave-mound of Empress Wen Ming.
" fig. 2. Great Wall crossing Fang Shan plateau.
Plate 43. Coast of region of ancient Yueh; junks in middle distance.
Plate 44, fig. 1. Canal near Ying (ancient capital of Ch'u).
" fig. 2. Remains of old earthen rampart of Ying.
Plate 45, fig. 1. Sacred cave and cliff-temple, ancient territory of Ch'u.
" fig. 2. Wooded country in ancient territory of Ch'u.
Plate 46, fig. 1. Loess-covered hills, lower Fen River valley.
" fig. 2. Difficult country, lower Fen River valley.
Plate 47, fig. 1. T'ien Lung Shan, Shansi; general view.
" fig. 2. T'ien Lung Shan; individual sculptured grotto.
Plate 48, fig. 1. The Ku Shan ("Lone Mountain"); southwestern Shansi.
" fig. 2. Neolithic site of the Wa Cha Hsieh; southwestern Shansi.
Plate 49, fig. 1. Prehistoric pit-dwelling at the Wa Cha Hsieh.
" fig. 2. Pit-dwelling at the Wa Cha Hsieh, outlined for clearing.
Plate 50, fig. 1. Fragment of plaster from wall of pit-dwelling.
" fig. 2. Type of [[underlined]]li[[/underlined]] tripod found at the Wa Cha Hsieh.
Plate 51. Jars of coarse gray ware, the Wa Cha Hsieh.
^[[6 [[jars?]]]]

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