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New York, December 5, 1914.
The Executive Committee of the proposed American School of Archaeology in Peking met at the call of the chairman at the residence of Mr. Eugene Meyer, Jr., 733 Park Avenue, New York, Saturday, December 5, at 10:30 a.m. There were present Mr. Walcott, Chairman, Mr. Preer, Mr. Meyer of the Executive Committee; Mr. Kelsey and Mr. Carroll of the General Committee by invitation, and Mr. Warner, Director of the proposed School. A telegram (Exhibit A) of regret from Mr. Shipley, President of the Archaeological Institute, was read and placed on file, and Mr. Walcott presented the regrets of Mr. Butler, the remaining member of the Executive Committee. In Mr. Butler's absence, Mr. Carroll was requested to act as secretary.
Mr. Walcott stated that the object of the meeting was to consider and act upon the report of Mr. Warner, the Director, typewritten copies of which had been distributed by mail to all the members present.
Inquiry was then made into the cost of establishing the School and a tentative budget was prepared. (Exhibit B)
The following resolutions were moved, seconded and unanimously adopted:
I. That we recommend a meeting of the General Committee in Washington at such time as the Chairman in consultation with Mr. Freer may appoint.
II. That Mr. Warner be requested to prepare by March 1 at least ten additional copies of the report, to include also a budget and an alternative budget on such lines as have been considered at this meeting, and that these ten copies be sent by the Chairman to the members of the General Committee who have not already read it.
III. That the Chairman of the Committee be requested to represent the General Committee on the proposed School in Peking at the Council of the Institute in Philadelphia on the 29th of December, and make such a statement as he may deem appropriate.
IV. That the matter of publication of Mr. Warner's report, or any of the