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Walked down Carr. 7, the  main [[stem?]], to the Grenada, and had 3 whiskey & soda's & a swell free lunch.  Drinks there are uniformly 1 peso. Nice to see the old dives.

Sat. Apr. 15
  AM. spent at Herb., where, thank God, they don't work Sat. afternoon. Went to Garcia's in the pm - swell house & furniture. Nice wife & children. Has many plants in his patio and about a dozen rabbits. Had tea (chocolate) there.  Bummed around in the evening a little and early to bed.
  Wrote [[strikethrough]] [[Marg?]] & [[/strikethrough]] Joyce.
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 Sun. Apr. 16
  Garcia & Gutierrez called for me about 9 and we taxied over to the "funicular" and ascended to Montserrate, a climb of about 900 meters. The open place in front of the church was filled with people, sort of a market day.  We had a shot of "Palito", a very fine aquadevite, which I clearly see is going to be my favorite drink in Bogota.  Walked up the road a short distance, then cut down the mountainside toward the East. Nice collecting all today. Had bought a drink (rather a few) at a tienda and ate it among frailejones about noon.  Then went upward to the good trail. Our purses being too full we decided to return. Rained. Garcia made me a hat out of a newspaper but I didn't