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30 Crotalus calenatus Bradb. - Up Miss -
Scales 144 & 27 1 1/2 foot long, brown along the back with a chain like row of white spots - belly white clouded of black -- 

31 Crotalus vividis -
Slender 2 feet long  3 rattles  green with rows of brown oblong spots
white under the belly

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32 Sciurus melanotus -- Ohio --
Dos brun noirâtre, Ventre [[baiâtre?]]
queue comme dos, grosseur du petit gray fox --
Red belly Squirrel

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33 Chenilles abond en Kent, Ohio
Virg. Pensylv. transsant les Chemins - Très Velue rousse à tête et queue [[--ives?]] obt. long 2 p - inv -- Vu gg. avec entt noires et d'autres entt vu fles plus [[pet?]]
[[centered]] Autumn--d à 1818

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[[centered]] Piketravels 1810 --
[[centered]] Up Mississipi 1805. G__ fr_ St Louis
[[centered]] to the Source
[[centered]] Fishes -- Catfish, Perch

34 Bretan Quadrup. nou. [[marked by bracket]] Prairie Mole [[/marked by bracket]]

35 [[marked by bracket]] Large black fox [[/marked by bracket]] Renard d'Argent p. 52

36 Beautiful fox red back, white tail & breast
(Raccoon Porcup - Otter, Moose Elk Deer
Canis [[argarus?]]
Zanthrxyl. clas-herc. Prickly Ash
36 Savanna partridge p 72 head Miss
nearly black a red mark over the eyes

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1806 Up Osage & Arkansas
Osage Trout/& bass Striped - 12 inch
Cabria Panthers Elk Deer &
[[note in margin]] 37 [[/note in margin]]
Prairie Squirrels or Wishtonwishs 156
Arkansas - Yellow & black rattlesnake
Land Turtle, horn frog or Cammillion in the same holes - Villages brow of a hill near Water, holes spiral very deep
Dark brown belly white, tail teeth ^[[shorter body]] head nails of Squirrels - Vill 2 or 3 mile
Squarer holes [[10?]] feet apart base of grass
mounds near, [[Sh-- ver--?]] Wishtonwish difficult to kill, will run [[strikethrough]] es [[/strikethrough]] in, meat pretty good after expos. to fruit a little rank otherwise -- Police of village

Transcription Notes:
"Wishtonwishs" is a Native American name for prairie dogs. "entt." may be shorthand for "en tout"