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Wild horse bay black gray, & alt colours
Buffalo. 3000 only Cows & Calves
[[Brelan?]] ([[Blavrian?]]) the Peak, 
18000 f
Yellow & Pitch Pine Mountains near
Woods of Cotton Wood River
Wild Cat     Head of Red R &
Hare,    Cedar    New Deer
38 New Bird - Green size of a quail with a small tuft on the head like a pheasant, carnivorous eat meat p 178
kept in a Cage, kill one another Máµ—
[[Lineus viridis?]]

[[short ink line divides the page]]
Adams narrative
[[underlined]] [[Coureus?]] [[/underlined]] of Tombuctou Lynx
Redish brown above, grey under neath, erect ears, short tail - 

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[[centered]] Quails   New Mexico --
Deer   Elk.   Wild horse. Buffalo. Bear cabin

[[centered]] Trees Missouri
Pecan, Ash, Hickory
[[centered]] Upper Mississipi
Oak Pecan Locust blackwater Sugar M
Cedar hackberry buttonwood Scrub Oak
Lynn, White & Red Pine  Sap pine
Pinenett Aspen Hemlock
Dr [[Soc---? c---? with?]]
Levaillant travels -
Red flycatcher with a tuft on the
head and 2 long feathers on the tail
in the male. in the breeding season

[[a short ink line divides the page]]
[[Cou--?]] Criard. entirely dark brown
Mimosa Caterpillar band velvet black on green ground - butterfly white with a few brown stripes & spots
[[Cooper Eagel?]] golden yellow, 5 feet, 9 ins. [[arls?]] corp -- levels their head dart forward