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              Dutch        Hottentot
Elephant      Oliphant     Goap             
Rhinos        Renoster     Nabap
Hippop        Zee koe      Ravus
Giraffe      Kamell paerd  Na -ip
Buffalos      Beuffles     Ra -oup
Paran         Gemsbock     Kuip
Koedoe        Coudou       Koudou or Garp
Bubala        Hartebeest   Ramap
Zebra         Wilde Paerd  [[Rouarep?]]
Quaga         Quaga 
          (Wilde [[Gel?]] [[Nou -Rouarep?]]
Hare          Haase        Ou -amp
[[Mamwt?]]    Das          [[Ka -oup-p?]]
Wildboar      Weldwarke    Rou -guop
Ant bear      Erd-Warke    Goup
Porcupine     Yser Warke   Non ap
Dog Dogs    Hond (Houden/  Harip Harines
Rat           Rott         Douroup
Bat           Vleer Muise  Nouya bourup
Lion          Leeu         Gamma
Tiger         Tyger        Gamu gammo
Tiger cat     Tyger Kat    Ou-amp
Hyena         Wulf         Hirop
Wilddog       Welde Hond   Goup
Jackal        Jackals      Ding
Horse         Pard         Aap
Bull          Beull        Karamap

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Cow           Coe          Goumas
Ox            Oss          Goumap
Sheep         Schaap       Goun
Goat          Buck         Bri -I
Shegoat       Gytt      Tarare bris --
              Reebock      Gnioup
              Duyker       A -oump
              Steen Bock   Harip
Gnou          Gnou Gnu     Gnou/[[strike-         through]] Gnu [[/strikethrough]]

[[Busbuc Caffe?]]
[[Nu--mets?]] in Hott. 13 to 15 inches high
horns male strait smooth, mouse gray with a redish tint in the ridge of the back --
belly & inside thigh white [[trim?]] like a hare, in bushes, Cry or Warbling long & shrill & singular very good to eat. --

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[[Slyt layer?]] or Mockbird. (Gragagaga
Size blackbird - Golden green with reflects of purple tail lanced. Spotted of white as the wings, bill [[twisted?]] long red as the feet
climbs feed on insects not a Picus

Transcription Notes:
The column of "Dutch" words seems to be in the Afrikaans language.