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Blackbird with Orange [[colour?]] belly 
[[Pos one wren?]]

[[short ink line divides the page]]
Ape with black face, middle size
hair pretty long of a greenish tint, belly white - face black, rump callous blue as the [[oryans of genea?]]. cheeks with [[abajaw]].- In troops in Woods help the wounded, hide themselv near River Illisnois --

[[a short ink line divides the page]]
39 Tillea paniflora Raf. T. connat a Dr. Eli Ives Trans. Medicophys. Soc. of NY.
p 440 [[Cam Tome?]].
Glaberrima pusilla [[vaule?]] [[strikethrough]] proc - vox [[/strikethrough]] ^[[de cant sub]] ramoso -
^[[Herburses]] fol. opp sessil. patulis connatis
^[[avais]] camusis oblong subulate florib. axill. sole sesso Cal 4 p. Pct 4 -
Caps 4 polipermus. [[symbol showing a circle with dot in the center]] [[strikethrough]] fibr [[/strikethrough]] roc artic, ad art. fibros.

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40 Limosella brachistema. Repius ^[[glabra]] fol. vadic. filiformius cyliodricis obtuses, divide
Apr├Ęs subcompresses, flexuosis irregualiber.--
Scapis fol. dimilia breviane aniss. Cat 3-5 sid.
Ar. tubo inflats 4-5 sida. equali -- Cups reflexes univalves! -- [[symbol of circle with a dot in the center]] L termis. [[20-?]] p. 441 
[[Icone fl?]] ^[[aldis?]] June Hunsatonick & other rivers within the range of the tide, together with Tiller
In Sept. second fr. 4 pd. 3 Stam. [[fut subdef--ssis?]]
^[[Rac faicis. fibr.?]]
(Crysta Stameni 1 or 2. --

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41 [[pencil and ink sketch possibly of a sea creature resembling a ray or horseshoe crab with annotations]] [[Q. unpplus Court -- e.g. targens  rou--?]] [[/sketch and annotations]]
feet 6 p. - 1 very short, post very large

[[short ink line divides the page]]
42 Dracena borialis. Anis Rep pl. 206
Rac. repe-- alb. ramos. (travelling shooting
crassa, ramis flexorsis
[[strikethrough]] p [[/strikethrough]] [[I can?]] pl not cil. 4 fol. subundatis
Scape flexorsa mult. fl. 3 subtus 4 supr.
Stigma oblique trunc. coniar. dilat. obl.
bacca arulea ^[[glab.]] Sim. ellips ovides
Solander [[madist?]] a Dracena in Art [[hm Ken?]]
1. p 454 Invr. 1776. by Lee & Kennedy Montreal
99f 7 petals, Ov. obl. 2 sulc.