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[[Header]] May 12th 1835 [[/header]]

[[left margin]] mistake [[/left margin]]
Exp 1 [[image - diagram of parallel ribbons]] Passed currents of about the same intensity through parallel ribbons - a continued current accelerated [[strikethrough]] [[so?]][[/strikethrough]] an instantaneous current - When the current was was passed through one, a shock was produced by the other when in the same direction.  Good exp.
Exp 2 [[superscript]] nd [[/superscript]] [[image - drawn diagram of experiment]]
[[left margin]] [[underlined]] NB [[/underlined]] [[/left margin]]
A current from a small battery (Shaker) passed through coil, parallel with currents from single circular battery; the currents from single pair appeared in every case to be decreased in intensity by the passage of the other in either direction  Try this on larger scale
[[image - drawn diagram of experiment]] Exp 3 [[superscript]] rd [[/superscript]]
Passed the current through a hollow electromagnet filled with mercury - observed no increase of intensity.
Ex 4  The two wires from the large magnet [[image - drawn diagram of experiment]] were connected with the galvanometer and the [[keeper?]] suddenly separated the needle made a complete revolution
[[underlined]] Exp 5 [[/underlined]] Repeated Exp 1st, but with [[insertion]] ^ a [[/insertion]] very different result. The intensity was lessened & no increase action could be obtained - Repeat this on a larger scale tomorrow

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[[Header]] May 13 [[superscript]] th [[/superscript]] [[/header]] Charged one of the [[troughs?]]
[[left marging]] Ex 1 [[/left margin]]
of the large battery with mixture of nitric & sul. acid.  1st arranged deflagrator 11 elements spark
spark with coil 60 feet - with this same as [[coloriment?]] of one element
The spark about the same, a little more obtained
Exp 2 [[superscript]] nd [[/superscript]]  Charged a second box with [[pure?]] water, transferred the battery from the strong acid to the water, some acid remained on the plates. The shock was as vivid as when in the strong acid [[underline]] ie [[/underline]] with arrangement of one plate [[Whe?]] the battery was converted into a [[deflagrator?]] [[strikethrough]] with [[/strikethrough]] of 11 plates, then the shock was scarcely perceptible.
From this Exp it is clear that to produce the greatest effect with a coil, it is only necessary to use a battery of large dimensions charged with water, or very weak acid
One plate of the battery gave a feeble shock, hence [[accurately?]] and low intensity is required.
[[left margin]] [[vertically]] In these exp. battery No 11 was used [[/vertically]] [[/left margin]]
Exp 3  The battery was put into the acid, & the coil [[prepared?]] for shocking by soldering two copper cylinders, one on each end, by a small wire, the shock was felt in the arms as high [[ink blot]] the elbow in the muscles of the
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