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926 Grant Ave. Rockford, Ill.
Nov. 1, 1893.

My dear Dr. Sandberg:--
   I have been looking over your willows this morning and will proceed to give you my first impressions as to names &c- and informal "talky talky" report. By and by when I come to mount the specimens I shall want to give a few of them a more careful examination with the aid of those capital helpers a cup of hot water and low power microscope.
11a  Carleton Minn. male and female [[underline]] S. discolor [[/underline]] Muhl.
16a  Thompson Minn. [[underline]] S. humilis [[/underline]] Marsh.
17a Carleton, Minn. [[underline]] S. rostrata [[/underline]] Rich. [[underline]] f. monstrosa [[/underline]].
37a  Hennepin Co. [[underline]] S. lucida [[/underline]] Muhl. Two forms which can not be precisely determined as to variety &c without the mature leaves.
48 & 24  [[underline]] S. petiolaris [[/underline]] Sm. v. [[underline]] gracilis [[/underline]] Anders.
12a  I should without much hesitancy refer the male ^[[insertion]] aments [[/insertion]] to S. [[underline]] petiolaris v. gracilis [[/underline]] but the pistillate have a doubtful look, as if they showed a cross with [[underline]] s. cordata [[/underline]]. Without the leaves it is impossible to feel perfectly sure, so I would advise you, for the present at least, to withhold these from distribution.
------------- " -------------------
A.  Idaho. Hope.  May. Alt. 3,400
    [[underline]] S. flavescens [[/underline]] Nutt. [[underline]] v. scouleriana [[/underline]] Banatt.
   111 E Washington Park Lake.  Alt. 2,3000
          [[underline]] S. lasiandra  [[/underline]] ^[[insertion]] Benth. [[/insertion]] var. lancifolia  Anders (sp) but can not    

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^[[text]] = handwritten text in typewritten document [[insertion]] text [[/insertion]] TC uses for insertions

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