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The third section, 8° + 7', is broken [[strikethrough]] and shaly. [[/strikethrough]] It is [[strikethrough]] somewhat [[/strikethrough]] more calciferous than section No - 1 -.
The main Limestone, on a fresh surface, is a drab-grey. On a weathered surface, it is very light blue and smooth.
The upper stratum has some portions that weather into a dark [[argillacious?]] soily mass, with somtimes a solid caliciferous centre. Further N, this Cal. [[Inartrgiton?]]
The breakage of all the calciferous portion is [[clumpy?]]. Local- Through all parts are seams highly fossiliferous.
[[Choretes?]] are abundant through all parts. Atrypas, spirifers, some lannellibrands, crinoiods, zaphratids and lingulae.

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