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same. Saw lots of flowers yesterday, carpeting the forest floor for miles. Short distance from Silers Bald the trail enters a heavy stand of pines, makes me think of Song "In the Pines". Took picture. Trail runs for miles thru pines sloping up, [[change ink color]] till it reaches Klingman's Dome; at 6643, the highest point in the Smokies. The trail continues thru coniferous forest rest of the day, dropping down to Newfound Gap which I reached at noon. [[marginal note]] met trail crew [[/marginal note]] I caught bus to Gatlinburg. hq of Park service, nice
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town, clean, well setup. Back up. Talked to bus drivers both ways. Took trail and passed nice leanto, decided to go on and ended up hiking by moonlight Thinking of Walter and composing poems. Arrived leanto about underlined 9:00 PM. very tired. [[blue line]] [[circled]]22[[/circled]]
Morn, squirlls barking chipmunk scurried from spring as I left.[[change ink color]][[circled]]22[[/circled]][[change ink color]] Composed poem, " Smoky Mtn. Moon"---
Old Smoky by night 
when the moon is alight 
with a wondrously luminous glow. 
When the breeze in the vines 
and the towering pines 
Is a ceaslessly  murmuring flow
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