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Talked to tower man till 9 P.M. Showed me where Tenn. Va. N.C. overlap.  Took picture of mtn. showing this.  Also "white top" where radio station is, later took [[insertion]][[written in pencil]] pic [[/insertion]] odd sunset.
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Camped by spring mile down road, expecting storm but no rain came.  
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Left in morn. Sun. May 2, about seven thirty.  Trail very [[written in pencil:circle]]2[[/circle]] [[written in ink: circle]]2[[/circle]] nice thru morning.  Saw two black snakes both seven or 8 ft. long.  Took pictures of first.  Toward evening trail crossed hard road and followed grassy ridge.  Came to canyon where many streams come together, following road.  Kept on till 7:30 to reach 
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higher dryer ground.  Wind had begun to blow.  Camped on narrow ridge under small pines.  Wind rose during night.  In morning it was more like march than May.
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Rose at 6:15 and packed hurriedly.  Stopped later at old cabin [[insertion]] in grass field [[/insertion]] to cook breakfast in sheltered spot.  Trail continued along grass covered ridge [[insertion]] (wind very strong) [[/insertion]] took picture showing snake fences.  Approached LO tower at dusk and continued down past when saw "no visitor" signs. [[insertion]] near road [[/insertion]] Bedded under pines. 
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Rose about 6:15, cold and gusty.  followed trail down well watered valley.  Came to farm.  Talked to Jackson, man who had done forest work.  Trail followed road, walked with man.  Trail turned
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