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at dawn and I ate [[circled]] 13 [[/circled]] breakfast and left at 6:30. Arrived at P-way under construction about 9:15. Stopped to air equipment and to sew boots. Two truck drivers stopped to talk. One always smiling. 
Right after getting underway this morning, I must have been happy about rain being over. Passed girl and she smiled, yipe, little later two more, must be blarney in me eye this mornin', Passed bunch of kids waiting for school bus. Started to sing, passed house and little girl backed away, must be my singing.
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Resuming at P-way - Trail cut down valley and came out at end of construction, same smiling truck driver went by. Talked to engineer and surveyor, went on and up ridge, took pics, one of Peaks of Otter in distance. Came to P-way (gravel-closed) Went along and finally camped short of Bearwallow Gap. 
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In morn-came to gap, stopped for [[circled]] 14 [[/circled]]
 breakfast and shave. As I was about to leave Ranger came by and stopped. (Luck, James W) took me down road to see Rhododedron, took picture. Went back up and I went along to Peaks of Otter. [[later insertion arrowed to this point]] showed me petrified-in rock [[/insertion]] Took three pics - one of other mtn. one of tower and one of thick outcroppings