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flowers especially Jack in Pulpit(?)
->(Yeserday grouse fluttered ahead, as tho crippled, trying to lead me away from nest, presume.  Also in morning bird skimmed treetops, causing sound like wind, probably eagle).

Went on till trail passed near dome shaped rocks. Climbed it and found miniature lakes on top.  Took pic showing mtn. "The Priest" in background its top purple looking from leaves sprouting. Went up spur and took pic of dome then followed trail till blazes ran out.  Followed on indicated path and eventually followed ridge out and down to hard road.  Found I was south, walked up road to store (AL. Hatter Jr.) and talked there till 8:45.  Went She gave me chocolate cake. 
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on up road by moonlight and slept under pines by road.  
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In morning followed road toward Love, Va.  Got by it and was unaware.  Two fellas in Model A informed me, asked if I had forest service key.  Talked then followed road which they say goes to Waynesboro.  Probably will cut up to parkway which runs along mtn. above.  Followed to road that leads to parkway, followed parkway to Rockfish Gap above Waynesboro.  Along way at parking overlook talked to couple in auto. very nice people.  Had mild argument about pronouncing of Appalachian. Near Gap Mr. Carpenter, gov. Eng. stopped and persuaded