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Icebergs were discovered [[underlined]] one hour [[/underlined]] too late - [[insertion]] one hour [[/insertion]] later than my  prediction - [[underlined]] I lost the sixpence [[/underlined]], though in truth the Bergs were within sight of the Vessel's deck before the three hours had expired. As it was: Old Arctic Whalers thought me an old adept in [[underlined]] Arctic [[/underlined]] Knowledge.
Soon as the announcement was made that Ice-bergs were in view, I responded [[underlined]] with a will [[/underlined]], for I instantly mounted the bulwarks & there far away to the West drank in my first vision of an Iceberg. I [[insertion]] then [[/insertion]] ran for my Marine opera glass, and telescope perched myself away up in a Whale Boat.
I brought the [[strikethrough]] Main Opera [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Marine [[/insertion]] [[/strikethrough]] glass to beare - it did not satisfy me. I tried the telescope. [[underlined]] The grandure of [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] crystal mountains was before me [[/underlined]], yet [[strikethrough]] its [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] the [[/insertion]] sight was brief as the lightening's flash - & I'll tell you why:
  The telescope I have is one of great excellence & power
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It was presented to the Expedition by McAllister & Brothers of Philadelphia. The magnifying process [[insertion]] as remarked [[/insertion]] is great - so powerful indeed, is it that great care is required to keep the object [[strikethrough]] before you [[/strikethrough]] in the field of the glass, while you are on a moving vessel. I found it impossible to keep the Ice-berg [[strikethrough]] but [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] in view [[/insertion]] more than an instant at a time.  [[strikethrough]] in the v range of the telescope [[/strikethrough]]. [[image - small pen drawing of longer vertical line crossed by short hortizonal lines]]
It was well that I [[insertion]] was not permitted [[strikethrough]] [[no sure not?]] [[/strikthrough]] to see the splendor & magnificence of the Iceberg all at once.  It is well that its glory should be meted out by degrees [[?]] for my soul had been on fire for years to view Icebergs.
All my conceptions of their grandeur were more than realized even in the distant view I had at first.  The 1st Berg seen, & that principal view [[insertion]] of this day [[/insertion]] was distant about 10 miles  Its height on viewing it was about 200 feet above the sea, as estimated by myself & in this opinion of Capt. Buddington. [[strikethrough]] The [[/strikethrough]]

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