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Friday, June, 22d, 1860.
Latitude 54°- 55'-00" N.
Long.    54°- 33'-30" W.

Yesterday we saw 14 Icebergs- to-day have seen six, one of which we passed within a stone's throw.  This one was seen early this morning, far to the N.W. & found to be in the course we should pursue through the day.  Its pyramidal form & the apparent size made it an object of great interest.  I was often up on deck with glass
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viewing this berg as we approached it.  In the distant view it was in its contour as this: 

[[image - pen sketch of iceberg surrounded by sea with lines drawn indicating shape and texture]]

On coming close to it, however, its appearance as a pyramid changed.  It did not look like the same.  This I find to be a characteristic of almost all views - but none more strikingly so as [[insertion]] of [[/insertion]] an Iceberg.  "Distance lends enchantment to the view".  So goes the old [[saw?]].  To a certain extent this is true.  A certain distance is required to view to advantage all objects of interest.
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